Dried flowers

How are dried flowers made?

Dried flowers are plants that have been preserved through drying so that they last a long time. That means they bring us joy for much longer than fresh flowers.

Which plants and combinations are on trend right now?

“Simple and natural” is a major trend right now. It’s all about creating a visual impression by presenting individual plants in a beautiful way that perfectly matches the surroundings.

Dried flowers in glass jars

Loose flower heads, grasses, wheat – all perfectly arranged. Gifts like these are a pleasure to give. Dried flowers in a jar are a source of lasting delight: great as a gift, a decoration, or simply a treat for yourself.

Small bouquets in a box

These little bouquets are truly eye-catching!

The cardboard box enhances the dried flowers’ natural essence and presents them in their best light. You can personalise the box using the stickers provided, making this the ideal gift to bring to a dinner party or any other occasion.

Bunch of dried flowers

Surprise your loved ones with a gorgeous bouquet of dried flowers. All our magical meadows dried-flower bouquets are tied by hand. The natural packaging makes them even more sustainable. You can quickly and easily personalise your bouquet using the stickers provided.

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