The convenients – punches

Designed in a variety of motifs, our punches produce impressive artwork. Whether border, circular, corner, pop-up or basic punch, the sophisticated motifs are varied and seasonal. Imaginative decorations for tables, walls, cards and much more are completed in no time at all. Swift and easy!

Our on-trend stamps

With our on-trend wooden stamps and stamp pads, you can whip up breathtaking creations in next to no time! One of the things that makes the stamps so great is how easy they are to use. As always, all of the designs are created in Switzerland.

Our clever tools

Our range of tools includes handy equipment such as circle cutters, glue dots for creating a 3D effect, glue rollers and lots more. These tools make it much easier to create your vision in a precise way and add a 3D effect to what you have designed, if you want to. These tools are indispensable for do-it-yourself creative types: they are easy-to-use, effective aids that help you give your creations that final, perfect touch.
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Punches, stamps & tools - Artoz