Punches & tools

The convenients – punches

Designed in a variety of motifs, our punches produce impressive artwork. Whether border, circular, corner, pop-up or basic punch, the sophisticated motifs are varied and seasonal. Imaginative decorations for tables, walls, cards and much more are completed in no time at all. Swift and easy!

The smarts – Tools

Smart Tools help beginners and professionals create their own beautiful designs, step-by-step. This comprises everything from decorative elements like garlands and bows to packaging such as boxes and envelopes, etc. The repetitive punching/work process delivers swift results.

The helpers – Smart Tools

This line includes useful work utensils, such as circle cutters, adhesion points for 3D effects, glue tape rollers, etc., which help you come up with wonderful creations, facilitate greater precision and add a 3D effect to your work. A must-have for DIY enthusiasts: the easy-to-use tools help you put the finishing touches to your work and produce perfect creations.

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Punches & tools - Artoz