Terms & Conditions

Terms & conditions

  1. Preliminary remarks – The General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery – hereafter referred to as GTCSD – replace the hitherto applicable General Terms and Conditions of Sale and, on submission or at the latest after an order has been placed, are recognised as an integral part of the contract and the basis for all business transactions related to deliveries by ARTOZ PAPIER AG, ARTOZ CREA AG, ARTOZ LTD. These GTCSD shall also apply even when future deliveries no longer make specific reference to them. Unless otherwise provided for in the General Terms and Conditions, the legal provisions in the OR (Swiss Code of Obligations) shall apply. Purchasing terms and any other instructions provided by the purchaser that deviate from our GTCSD shall be invalid, even in the event that we do not explicitly reject them. Should our delivery be accepted despite conflicting purchasing terms, our GTCSD shall apply to the business transaction as individually agreed.
  2. Product assortment – Our price lists represent the product assortment usually in stock, yet we cannot provide an absolute guarantee of delivery. In particular, we reserve the right to make changes to our assortment. Should prices vary the price list and the sample collection, the current price list shall apply. For this reason, in special cases you should request binding samples from the available stock.
  3. Variations in quality – Products may be subject to slight variations in firmness, thickness, shade, smoothness, colour, etc.
  4. Variations in dimensions – Under normal humidity conditions, the following dimension variations are permissible: 2 mm in width and length.
  5. Surface weight tolerances – The specified surface weight includes a margin of +/− 5 %; for paper of 40 g/m2 or less there is a margin of +/− 8 %. The average weight of the finished paper shall apply in this case.
  6. Item count tolerance per package – The number of items actually delivered in every packaged unit may not deviate more than 5 % from the item count per package provided by the manufacturer.
  7. Changes and alterations – We reserve the right to change prices and terms of de-livery right up until the moment of delivery.
  8. Deliveries on credit – Should there exist any doubt regarding the creditworthiness of the purchaser after the contract has been concluded, we reserve the right to decline to meet our delivery obligation until payment has been made or has been guaranteed. Should the purchaser not provide upon our request a guarantee of payment within 14 days, we reserve the right to dissolve the contract.
  9. Delivery cancellations – In the event that the supplier is unable, for reasons for which the customer is responsible, to fulfil his delivery obligation or is unable to fulfil it in its entirety, the customer becomes liable to the supplier for compensation. Relevant reasons may be (list is not comprehensive): Cancellation of order by the customer, including partial cancellation, refusal to accept goods, changes to delivery instructions made by the customer. In such cases, the supplier is entitled to charge the customer any costs incurred and compensation for any injury suffered.
  10. Defects – The receiver is required to check if the goods received conform to the goods ordered. Defects that are apparent during a regular inspection of incoming goods must be reported within eight days after acceptance of the delivery. Other defects that become apparent afterwards are to be reported immediately. The purchaser, to the exclusion of all other rights, is only entitled to request compensation for the proven defective items, or to request delivery of a non-defective replacement within a reasonable time period, provided that the defective goods are returned. Complaints about the quality of delivered goods do not absolve the purchaser from payment, as long as the goods remain in the purchaser’s possession. No returns of defective goods are possible after 12 months have elapsed.
  11. Reservation of proprietary rights – The goods shall remain the property of the supplier until complete payment has been made.
  12. Terms of payment – Any and all payment charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. We reserve the right to charge default interest at normal market rates for payments not completed by the contracted payment date.
  13. Display elements given on loan – The receiver agrees to maintain the display elements given in loan in excellent condition, and not to place any goods from other suppliers in the display elements.
  14. Transport – Goods are always transported at the purchaser’s risk. Damage during transport is to be reported to the shipping company upon receipt of the goods. No liability will be accepted for transport damage reported at a later date.
  15. Interruptions of operations – Interruptions of operations of any type or for any reason which hinder or halt production, as well as transport difficulties and supply shortages, shall effect an extension of all delivery deadlines and a postponement of all dates during the duration of the hindrance or interruption of operations. The SUPPLIER reserves the right partially or completely to cancel the obligation to deliver. In such a case, the receiver has no right to a replacement shipment or compensation.
  16. Webshop – Upon request, dealers can gain access to our webshop and to the protected area of our website. Access may be denied, in which case reasons shall be given. The customer is responsible for ensuring that only people entitled to place orders for goods are given customer access data. Should the customer become aware that an unauthorised person has become privy to the customer’s access data, the customer shall change his or her user password immediately.
  17. Place of jurisdiction – Place of performance and jurisdiction for all claims is CH-5600 Lenzburg. Swiss law shall apply.

18. Final provisions – The invalidity or ineffectiveness of any one of these terms shall in no way affect the effectiveness of the remaining terms. Instead, the ineffective or invalid term shall be amended or newly agreed in such a way that the intended business purpose of the contract partners is achieved.

Terms & Conditions - Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen - Artoz Papier AG