Our very best – 1001

Providing a great qualitative, visual and haptic experience, Artoz 1001, a distinctive top-quality paper, has a cotton content of 15 %. Artoz 1001 comes in a wide variety of formats and colours, offering something for every taste. Whether business correspondence or private creative projects, there are 1001 different ways of using the products in this line. See the contents for yourself, or use your specific communications medium.

The icons – Trend Paper

Just like the bestselling Greenline, each of the 19 trend papers has its own distinct character. Greenline stands for sustainability and harmony with nature. On top of this, our trend papers reflect lightness on the one hand, nonchalance or elegance on the other. Even those which include sparkling glitter particles still emanate tradition and calm thanks to the outstanding paper-making craft employed in their production. Our trend papers express the sender’s appreciation and are certain to tug at the recipient’s heart strings.

The allrounder – Mosaic

Mosaic paper involves a magnificent combination of numerous colours and formats, providing an overview of the inexhaustible range of possibilities offered by this paper. It is ideally suited for creative design and simultaneously easy to use for printing and writing. The Mosaic colour range is a feast of spectacular colours: vibrant, tantalising and calming at the same time.

The designers – Designer Paper

Our designer paper offers a huge choice of pre-printed designs. It is available in classic or modern form, simple or playful, refined or seasonal. The right paper for every taste. Special types of printing, such as foil embossing or thermal printing, provide the paper with a touch of exclusivity. Designer paper is suitable for mail shots, invitations, certificates, menus and much more.

The decoratives – Creative Paper

Run out of ideas? Whether adhesive or not, transparent, sparkling or with a fabric texture, our creative papers bring out your creative side and offer unlimited possibilities. They are particularly popular as elements of home decoration projects. Cut or punched, creative papers can be used on their own or in combination with the entire Artoz range, turning anything plain into an imaginative creation. Our handmade papers will delight anyone looking for extravagant, unconventional paper with a fabric texture. Intoxicating trend papers delight the spirit and inspire ideas.

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Paper - Hochwertige Papiere von Artoz